Bulldog’s Comeback Against Cougars


Amy Yip

Opposing team blocks Daveon Scott from scoring a touchdown

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

Holbrook/Avon defeated the Tri-County Cougars in a close game, winning 16 to 14. The Bulldogs found themselves down 8 to 14 in the fourth quarter, but produced an extraordinary comeback, scoring 2 touchdowns and a couple 2 point conversions. 

Touchdowns were scored by Daveon Scott and Jordan Cioffi. Notable players throughout the game include Matthew Lind, Charles Luarasi, Johann Rodriguez-Viera, Brady Sheehan, and Justin Jerome. 

The Bulldog’s record currently stands at a whopping 6-2. Make sure to cheer on the Bulldogs during their upcoming game which is planned to take place on 11/12.