Holbrook Haunted House


Natalie Morales

Annual Haunted House Banner

Evan Mann

The Holbrook Haunted House has taken place for about 5 years and has become a Halloween tradition for Holbrook residents of all ages. The haunted house takes place at the old John F. Kennedy school although it has previously taken place at the South School and the old Stop and Shop. The fire department puts on a great show involving flashing lights, smoke machines, a ton of decorations, and actors dressed in elaborate makeup and costumes.
Junior Emily Donahue says, “I have been to the haunted house for years and am excited to go this time around.” But, iIt’s not just the people walking through that have a good time.
An actress, a part of the festivities, Brooke Hardin, says, “I’ve had a wonderful experience being a part of the haunted house…The people I haunt with are so talented in many different ways..”
One of the helping hands, Officer Landers says, “it takes a few months to actually build it and decorate it and get everything like the hydraulics…” But he makes it clear that the preparation is worth the good time. Although they would like to put on a show next year as well it is unclear whether or not the building will be available for use or if they can find another venue. We’ll have to wait and see!