The Return of The Performing Arts


Dhir Patel

Notes and rhythm practice

Dhir Patel, Editor in Chief

The new school year has brought a multitude of changes, one of them including the   performing arts coming back to HMHS. Last year, the arts faced several challenges and setbacks that unfortunately included the cancellation of chorus, band, and theater in the school. This was due to the strict COVID guidelines and restrictions which includes social distancing and wearing masks, but this year has improved upon these conditions. However, there are still many challenges that the students and teachers are facing.

Mrs. Kaitlyn Laprise, the band and chorus teacher at the school, is thrilled to have the performing arts come back this year. She states, “Music is something that brings a lot of joy to our students’ lives and going without it for over a year was really difficult. We’re so glad to get to be back together in Band, Chorus, and Theater doing what we love with the awesome students in our Music Department!” A big change this year however are the new musician masks. Mrs. Laprise continues, “In Band, Principal DeRosa helped us with a grant to get special masks and instrument covers that allow us to still follow masking guidelines while we play our instruments. It’s been a little bit of an adjustment to get used to, but it means we can make music together again, so it’s all worth it!”

As the new school year progresses, theater has also returned with many changes. Mrs. Paula Morgan and Mrs. Mary Clougher, theater managers and directors at the school, have a lot to exhibit about theater returning. Mrs. Morgan states, “It has been a long time since we have been on stage and I think, especially in these times, that students need an outlet, a way to express themselves and something to look forward to.” Mrs. Clougher continues, “Changes made to maintain covid guidelines include wearing a mask at rehearsal and maintaining social distancing on stage. Also, for the fall production, we are only using standing Microphones, not headsets. We are constantly checking the guidelines for updated information.  Rehearsals are going very well even with the restrictions we are working with.” They both further explain how students have been doing well with the restrictions in the program and believe there is a lot more to come in the future after the upcoming show, All Together Now.

Aaron Cullity, senior at HMHS, has participated in chorus and theater throughout middle school and high school and has a lot to express about performing arts returning to the school. He says, “I am very excited that the performing arts are back. We unfortunately weren’t able to perform West Side Story when the pandemic first hit and obviously last year we couldn’t do anything.” Aaron further states that masks and social distancing can make singing and dancing harder, but overall, he is glad to be back singing and on the stage.

Dilynn Fox, ninth-grader, is also a theater participant. She says, “I am so excited that we get to have performing arts again after not having it all throughout last year. This program is a way for me to see my friends and express myself through performing in front of people and that is a big part of who I am.” For many of the COVID changes, she explains how the mask mandate and close contact changes affect the way everyone performs on stage, but that she cannot wait to perform again this year.

The future of the performing arts looks bright, and hopefully these restrictions and guidelines will change as the school year continues.