Bulldogs Accept Defeat Against Hull Pirates


Amy Yip

Holbrook/Avon Bulldogs vs. Hull Pirates

Amy Yip, Editor in Chief

Holbrook/Avon unfortunately faced a tough loss against Hull Pirates, losing 42 to 28. The Bulldog’s strong offense was present during the 1st quarter, but the Pirates eventually took the lead by the 2nd quarter.

The Bulldogs scored 4 touchdowns throughout the game.  Offense came from Jordan Cioffi, Charles Luarasi, Brady Sheehan, Daveon Scott. Competitive defense from Justin Jerome, Jadan Radcliffe, Anthony Pettijohn, and Marlow Narcisse.

Bulldog’s record currently stands at 5-2 their best record in years. this isn’t the end for Holbrook/Avon’s season continues next week against a soon to be announced opponent.