Being A Gangster Isn’t All Bad

Aiden Kelly, High School Writer

Crime games are nothing new. We see them all the time from small indie games to huge AAA titles, most notable is the Grand Theft Auto series (GTA). However there is a classic game series that paved the way for realistic crime games and, quite frankly, all realistic games themselves, a little number produced by 2K Games that is simply called “Mafia.”

The Mafia series is a 3rd person shooter, realistic crime experience that is rich with story from when organized crime was in its heyday in America, mainly taking place between 1930 and 1970. These games are extremely accurate in their timeline, but enough about the series as a whole, let’s talk about the newest installment, “Mafia III.”

Without giving away to many spoilers to the main story, you play as Lincoln Clay, an ex-mobster who went to go find his place in the world. Unfortunately that place was Vietnam during the Vietnam War. After his time there he came back to the states and the fictional city of New Bordeaux to get back into the Mafia. Things then take a horrible turn for Lincoln.Not even home for three full days, Sal Marcono, who is the head of the Italian Mafia, kills Clay’s adopted family and tries to kill him too, but fails.

And this is where the player takes full control of the situation. Help Lincoln Clay avenge his beloved family by taking down the Mob one by one, and in it’s wake, set up your own crime ring from the ashes of the old. This game controls tremendously and has many different play styles. If you like crime games but want something more real and historical, then pick up this must play now for PC, PS4, and Xbox 1.