“All Together Now” Theater Revue set for November

Natalie Morales and Adrianna Baker

The drama team is putting together a revue including many different musical numbers from a variety of different plays called “All Together Now”. This show is fairly unique from others then the drama club has performed in the past. Usually, they would only put on the spring musical.

The members of drama try to practice every day whether it’s at home, or during after-school rehearsals. A revue is a theatrical performance, focused on singing and dancing, with little acting. The staff and students participating in this production are very excited to get back to doing theater after the auditorium has been unused for almost 2 years.

“It’s been two years since we’ve been able to do a show ” Mrs. Clougher said, “so we need to start from the ground up and do what Holbrook Middle High School does best and put on a great show.”

“All Together Now” will premiere on November 12th, 2021 in the HMHS auditorium and won’t only be performed at HMHS, but in many different theaters all over the world on that same night.

 Make sure to check out the show, applaud and congratulate your friends and family after putting on this magical theatrical performance!