Student Election Results


Salma Ziad

2022 Class President Dalice Rodriguez-Viera

The results are finally in for the student elections. For grades 9-12 class officers and representatives have been chosen. For grades 6-8 student council representatives have been chosen. The students that have been elected will help plan and organize events around the school.
Seventh grader Jayleen Etienne said, “I’m excited to plan events and help around the school”. She wants to become a part of the community. Class of 2022 president Dalice Rodriguez-Viera said homecoming is her favorite part of student council “I love planning spirit week and getting the whole school united.” She also adds “student council gives students a voice and platform and it helps the students make important decisions involving the school”.

The results for the student council elections are listed below.

Student Council Officers
President – Marissa Todd
Vice-President – Dalice Rodriguez-Viera
Secretary – Bridget Moore
Treasurer – Emma Pepe
Community Relations – Hannah Altidor

Class of 2022
President – Dalice Rodriguez-Viera
Vice-President – Bridget Moore
Secretary – Marissa Todd
Treasurer – Tiana Docanto
Student Council Representative – Aaron Cullity, Joseph Mclaughlin, Hovan Ngo, Vinh Nguyen

Class of 2023
President – Emma Pepe
Vice-President – Kylee Eshner
Secretary – Cailey Mingolla
Treasurer – Hannah Altidor
Student Council Representative – Emily Donahue, Heather Hilton, Justin Jerome, Riley Pendergast

Class of 2024
President – Sarina Tirabassi
Vice-President – Alicia Kilian
Secretary – Derek Fox
Treasurer – Kelvin Mungai
Student Council Representative – Derek Fox, Alicia Killion, Kelvin Mungai

Class of 2025
President – Gianna Mingolla
Vice-President – Jaida Gedeon
Secretary – Tevin Ngo
Treasurer – Abigail DeMarco
Student Council Representative – Thaina Raymond

Class of 2026
Student Council Representative – Ayla Baptista, Dilynn Fox, Lorelei Fraticelli, Katie Nguyen, Ayane White

Class of 2027
Student Council Representative – Jayleen Etienne, Julianna Ford, Haylie Hoyte, Natalie Morales, Salma Ziad

Class of 2028
Student Council Representative – Kaitlyn Currey, Richard Farry, Rodney Montinard, Robert Shurtleff, Isabella Velarde

Student Advisory Board
Hannah Altidor
Cailey Mingolla
Emma Pepe
Dalice Rodriguez-Viera
Marissa Todd

School Council
Cailey Mingolla
Hovan Ngo