Holbrook Upgrades Technology for Students & Teachers


Amy Yip

Mr. Espie assists Abigail Coe

Holbrook Middle-High School has recently enhanced their technology. New Chromebooks have been given to each student, and the teachers have received new laptops as well. Most of the new Chromebooks were paid for by funds and grants. After numerous years of the same computers, this upgrade was crucial in order to benefit our members’ learning and teaching abilities.
Mr. Espie, the world history and criminal justice teacher at HMHS, had a lot to say about the new technology. He quotes, “I feel like the teacher computers were not needed as the existing computers handled the necessary functions well. I think the student Chromebooks were needed and they also come with sturdier and handsome cases to help protect them.” Espie states that the teacher’s laptops would encounter several issues with the software, which is in the process of being repaired by the Internet Technology Team (IT). He further explains, “It is important that students treat these Chromebooks with care, as too many were damaged in the past by careless students.”
Mr. King, the IT director at HMHS, also gave some insight on computers. “The reason for the new Chromebooks is because most of our current Chromebooks are old to the point where they can no longer receive software updates. This will not affect the everyday use of the Chromebooks yet, but it will soon. The more important issue is that they can not receive the latest update to run MCAS testing in April/May of this school year.”
Ninth grader Gianna Mingolla also voiced her opinion. She says that the new Chromebooks are better than the older ones and furthermore explains how the loading times are faster and more efficient.
The new Chromebooks are made by the brand Dell, unlike the old Acer ones. The reason for this is that Dell computers process more efficiently than the Acer Chromebooks. They also have better hinges to prevent the screen falling apart.
Unfortunately, the new Chromebooks came a few weeks late. Students would normally receive their Chromebooks during the first week of school, but this year was different. The new laptops were shipped late due to a shortage of computer chips and the string of hurricanes around the country also delayed the shipment.
Everyones excited to see what this new technology will bring to the students and teachers in the future. HMHS is grateful for the opportunity to have these new computers. Remember to take care of your Chromebook.