CBN Trivia: Easter

Matt is back with another stupid, waste of space, low brow, unfunny trivia segment to make the program more “fun” instead of reporting on something of actual significance. This time it is about Easter, the holiday celebrated by Christians to commemorate Jesus Christ rising from the dead, which some do by getting baskets full of candy which are allegedly brought to them by a giant rabbit that also leaves colored eggs for some reason. Matt seems to make these trivia segments only to torment me as I am forced to watch them in order to write articles about them. Some of the questions Matt asks this time around are things like “Whose resurrection is Easter a celebration of” and “What city has the most popular Easter parade each year”. Somehow people are supposed to know what city has the most popular Easter parade and personally I didn’t even know that Easter parades existed before this segment, so maybe Matt has finally done something of worth with one of these segments.