New Zoom Calls During Remote Days

Increased hours for remote learning have been added to the curriculum for all hybrid students. Many at Holbrook Middle High School were both surprised and confused to find an email explaining this. Attached was information detailing that students would have to log on everyday for class while at home, for at least 30 minutes every period. This style of synchronous instruction means that both cohort A and B will be attending class, even when absent from the physical classroom. The emails also stated that attendance is mandatory and will be closely monitored for those at home. What seems like a random new thing within the school is actually a state mandate, set by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.
In doing this, the state aims to redirect virtual learning towards a more collaborative environment, allowing students to interact with the peers they otherwise wouldn’t see from home. The process of synchronous learning is also a way to ensure students are truly doing work from home, even when they are not in the classroom. This is a chance for students of all cohorts to engage with one another, ask questions, and stay on track within their courses.
What started on January 19th did bring up some important student perspectives here at HMHS. One student expressed their concerns. “I feel overwhelmed like most kids that are in the hybrid style of learning. What we are asked of is too much for me personally but some teachers are better at helping us than others. I think the live learning thing is very unnecessary since remote days are our days to breathe and take time for ourselves.”