Food Pantry


Caleb Tobin

Holbrook Food Pantry on distribution day

This week on Code Blue News, we did a spotlight on the Holbrook Food Pantry. The Holbrook Food Pantry takes place on the second Saturday of each month at St.Joseph’s. This would usually be held indoors but due to this year’s pandemic of COVID-19, much like everything else, things had to change.

The food pantry operates almost like a drive-thru. Everyone is checked in and once everything is set up, cars drive through with their trunks open for the groceries to be placed into. Each station has various types of food and many volunteers to help out.

They have done amazing work to help the community and keep everyone up on their feet. If you would like to help out whether it is volunteering or donating, you can contact them through their facebook page or stop by where they will be set up the second saturday of every month at St. Josephs.