Sports Continues While the Arts Face Setbacks


While the sports programs provided at Holbrook Middle High School are starting to continue again, the arts and many of the activities provided for students still face numerous difficulties and setbacks due to social distancing regulations and the spread of the coronavirus this year. This includes the cancellation of middle school and high school band and chorus classes, the winter and spring musical concerts, extracurricular musical activities, and the middle school and high school play. Many other activities have also been delayed, and this leaves many students disappointed because they are not allowed to participate in any of their favorite activities in the arts.
Aaron Cullity, an 11th grade student at HMHS, says, “Art programs have offered so much to many different students and it’s a shame that we can’t continue somehow. I really enjoyed doing what I have done and it feels weird for that to be taken away.” Aaron has participated in numerous musical activities and programs throughout his years at the school, including chorus, show choir, and theatre. He is hopeful that there will be a way for the art programs to continue next year with more and more vaccinations coming out in the state.
Along with the students, teachers also feel disappointment from the loss of art programs this year at the school. Kaitlyn Laprise, the band and chorus teacher at HMHS, says, “I love music and I always love sharing that excitement for music with my students in all of my classes. So, although we are so disappointed to not have Band and Chorus this year, we have been fortunate to still have music electives open to every grade level so that students can still explore music listening, composition, and playing instruments.” Mrs. Laprise addresses that the safety guidelines in the state this year made Band and Chorus classes impossible to offer and that safety is always the top priority for all the students and teachers, but she looks forward to possibly having these art programs return next year.
Sports, however, are carrying on with many different athletic activities starting again that were provided to students before the virus. The basketball season for boys and girls had started in December, and in March, fall sports including football, soccer, and cross country will also begin. Spring/summer sports including will also start later in the year.
There is no doubt that the loss of art programs has affected many students and teachers, but hopefully, the safety regulations will change and art programs will continue next year at HMHS.