The Lopez Brothers Scandal

Recently, the Lopez brothers, famous for their viral posts on Tik Tok, have been under fire for serious allegations that present them as sex offenders. Both have been caught engaging in inappropriate behavior with minors, which the victims have stated made them severely uncomfortable.
Many are not shocked about Tony Lopez’s alleged involvement with these offenses. This has become a recurring issue throughout 2020, continuing into 2021. One case in particular included a 13 year old minor, who disclosed Tony asked for revealing images of the underage fan. Tony Lopez was then sued by two teenage girls, which resulted in charges for sexual battery. Both victims describe similar experiences regarding his abhorrent requests, revealing that he had been aware of their incriminating age difference. Tony has denied each allegation made against him and has yet to face jail time. Many on social media, however, believe that he should be held legally responsible for his inappropriate actions.
With Tony Lopex on the verge of being placed behind bars, fans are turning to his brother, Ondreaz Lopez, who social media had previously nicknamed the “unproblematic brother.” In 2020, this name was shattered by a leaked phone call of Ondreaz being confronted by his victim’s mother. He supposedly engaged in inappropriate activity with a 14 year old girl, and later would openly admit to this crime within the chilling phone call. After the rumor spread across social media, Ondreaz’s reputation was destroyed. What followed after was most of his friends unfollowing him on all his platforms, youtubers removing content with his name in it, and his then girlfriend, Hannah Stocking, breaking up with him. Just as his brother, Ondreaz has not yet faced legal repercussions.