Holbrook Town Elections: Board of Health

The Holbrook town elections are coming up, so CBN reporter Andrew Luarasi sat down with outgoing Board of Health member Katherine Goldrick to discuss how to run for a seat as well as the difficulties of being a small town during the COVID pandemic. Goldrick described the difficulties of dealing with the pandemic from the perspective of a small town, including a complete lack of resources like money and even just people to get things done. Holbrook has coped with this issue by teaming up with Avon and Randolph to coordinate. Goldrick also recommends that you run with 2 or 3 specific issues in mind, so that you can accomplish them and really give back to the community rather than running and getting elected for something like your own ego. To run for a position, candidates must hand in their nomination papers by February 11th, there must be 50 signatures from registered voters on the ballot, and the town election will be held on April 3rd.