Artist of the Month: Cailey Mingolla

This episode of Artist of the month covers artist Cailey Mingolla and her craft business. She started making her own accessories two years ago, creating her own booth at a craft fair, then eventually creating her own online business. Her family and friends being her support and motivation, she went ahead and created her own website, fulfilling a passion that started in her younger years. Like many other businesses across the world, however, Cailey Grace Accessories had its own challenges, but Mingolla has kept her head up high and has managed to create opportunities despite the obstacles. “If you’re looking to start your own business, just do it.” She says giving advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs, highlighting the point that no matter what obstacles are presented, if one stays motivated and continues to be creative with their passion, they will succeed. Cailey’s online business can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and