Fransico Lindor And Carlos Carrasco Traded To The Mets

The Mets are going to be looking different in 2021, as they have signed Trever May for the bullpen while uncle Steve is making moves in the trading world as well.

The Indians have not been doing well since their 2016 run. They have traded Trevor Bauer, who won the CY Young Award, they traded Corey Kluber, a two time CY Young Award winner, Mike Clevinger, and now Fransico Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

Lindor was the face of the Indians franchise for the last 3 to 4 years. From 2017 to 2019 he totaled an average of 34 home runs a year with a .278 average and .856 ops. In 2020 he had a down year with a .258 average and only 8 home runs in 60 games. Because of the crazy year, many think he was just trying to stay healthy.

Also in the trade the Mets received a good starter in Carlos Carrasco. In 2020 he had a 2.91 era in 68.0 innings, with 82 strikeouts to give him a 10.9 ks per nine. During this, he overcame cancer and is back to playing baseball, proving to be a very consistent pitcher. The life long Indian is now on his way to New York in an already great rotation. They have Jacob Degrom as their ace, alongside Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard and now Carrasco.

The Indians got in return SS Amed Rosario, SS Andres Gimenez, RHP Josh Wolf, and OF Isaiah Greene. This hall is definitely not enough for both Lindor and Cookie. It looks as if this is going to be a dark time for Indians’ fans, but hopefully they will decide on a better name-change than the ¨Washington FootBall Team¨. It seems they are trading the whole team and are going to be trading Jose Rameriez.

The hall was not all bad though. Amed Rosario in 2019 had a .287 average, .323 on base, .432 slugging, and .755 ops. But in 2020, even in this short year he struggled. Instead, he hit .252 average, .272 on base, .371 slugging, and .643. He is also not a very good defensive player. Lindor proved to be a way better defensive player and is a two time gold glove.

Andres Gimenez, on the other hand, is a good defensive player, all while having a good offensive year too. Despite his age, Gimenez seems to have a very bright future ahead of him, hopefully becoming an average hitter and a glove first player. In his rookie year, he hit .263 with a .333 on base, .398 slugging average, and .732 ops. He had 3 home runs with 12 runs batted in.

One of the prospects they got was Josh Wolf, a very young and promising talent. It appears he will definitely be making the majors, while also becoming a reliable arm in the bullpen rotation. In the trade, they also got Isaiah Greene who was drafted last season and seems to be a good left handed bat.
Overall, the current winners of the trade seem to be the Mets. They are going to sign Lindor long term, becoming a franchise player. The Mets also did not miss getting Carlos Carrasco, who could be their number three pitcher in their rotation. The Indians might win long term however, considering all their prospects, but they will have a difficult time amounting to Lindor and Carrasco.