MIAA Winter Sports Gets the Green Light


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, sports have been put on hold since last March.
Spring sports were cancelled at the end of last school year and the past fall season was moved to a floating sport season in the spring. After a long wait, sports are back!

Winter sports have been approved by both the school and the MIAA, Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletics Association. The sports that will be played this season are basketball and Esports. Cheerleading will be postponed to the spring due to the risk of it being a high-contact sport.

There are a lot of new rules and regulations that will change how the game of basketball will be played. In the interview with Holbrook Middle-Highschool’s Athletic Director, Mr. Case, he had explained how the MIAA has allowed for schools to work together and be flexible with scheduling in order to do what is best to keep the students and staff safe during these times.

While basketball is still a contact sport, it may leave some concerns on the athletes who are on the fence about participating this upcoming season. Bridget Moore, HMHS Junior, and Rolex St. Jean, HMHS Senior, had explained their concerns for the upcoming season in the recent interview. Both of their concerns fell upon the topics on social distancing on the court along with the worry of getting the school shut down due to an outbreak from a game.

All of the coaches are still learning on how to make this season the safest for the athletes and themselves. Coach Bolger, JV Boys Basketball coach, had gone over in the interview how himself and Coach Gifford, Varsity Boys Basketball coach, have been figuring ways to get practices to be efficient while also applying the new safety regulations.

It is important to remember that everyone is learning and working together to try and bring sports back safely. As long as everyone does their part in social distancing, limiting gatherings, and wearing a mask, there will be a better chance of having a successful and safe season.

To find out more updates on Winter sports, you can check out the MIAA website at MIAA.net.