Will Sports Be Frozen out?

Due to Covid restrictions in Massachusetts, sports have been put on a pause for the fall season. The pandemic is unpredictable and the future is unclear, however, sports are expected to continue this winter. A letter was sent out from Athletic Director, Mr. Case, explaining winter sports will take place starting in January, 2021. Spring sports will occur at the end of the year and fall sports will take place sometime between the two seasons.
Of course, CDC guidelines and Massachusetts Covid regulations will be applied at games. This could mean modified game rules and fewer spectators at games. The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) is working with the Covid-19 task force, individual sports committees, and the MIAA Sports Medicine Committee to make modifications to game rules and get sports approved for the winter season.
Athletic director, Mr. Case has stated that Holbrook is working with Mayflower League counterparts to come up with proper protocols for scheduling, traveling, and of course safety. Holbrook will be given the guidance to proceed for the following seasons and could be adjusted as needed. The goal is to give students a semi normal athletic experience this year, safely.
Case adds, “I certainly can tell that the student-athletes, teachers, coaches, and parents all miss sports, they are glad we were able to get our school open safely, and now we can begin to focus on implementing sports, now that everyone is a little more comfortable with what a typical school day looks like. There are a lot of details to work on, but I am looking forward to seeing our Bulldogs back on the sports scene soon!”
As for students, they had thoughts of their own. “I don’t think it’s safe having winter sports, especially if there’s going to be a winter surge in cases,” Bridget Moore says. She voices her concerns as a three sport athlete. “It is upsetting not having one normal thing during this time. I miss my teams and the bonds we made. I feel like I have no outlet to burn off steam. I’m lucky I could have a normal senior season next year but my heart goes out to the class of 2021 athletes that can’t end their high school career properly.
Senior, Emma Curtis, plays softball in the spring. She says, “As one of the seniors on the team, I hope we get the chance to have a season since it would be our last one. It would be tough to realize that our sophomore year was the last time we would all play together.” She also states, I do enjoy hearing the news of sports starting again however I personally would not play right now if given the opportunity just to be safe.”
Another senior, Isabelle O’Conner shares her concerns going forward with the unusual volleyball season. “Personally, I’m hesitant with playing during Covid. Surrounding towns have already had issues with cases and have had to close. I’m just not that comfortable.” As for the changes that impact her senior year, she says, “As a senior I’m a little upset that my last year playing isn’t a traditional one and that there was no Homecoming, Dig Pink, or senior night game. I especially miss getting to have fun with my teammates at practice, during games, or on the bus.”