Mask Breaks

Are they needed?


Vincent Tran works on his editing computer with his mask on

Several students and teachers have various opinions on mask breaks, but it has benefited everyone in one way or another.

What is a mask break? A mask break is a short period of time where students and teachers are eligible to remove their masks outdoors during class time.

History teacher at HMHS, Mr. O’toole directly states, “​In an ideal world, the class time would be all going towards education, but given the situation we are in, I do think they are beneficial to the mental health of the students.” Junior, Marissa Todd agreed by saying, “I think mask breaks are a good opportunity to get some fresh air and step away from school responsibilities for a moment.”

While students may feel they get a break from work, teachers see value for another reason.
Tenth grade English teacher, Mr. Riso’s views on mask breaks are “​a fine idea” and recently said, “It is nice to be able to see each other’s faces for a few minutes and to take a good fresh breath of air.”

With Covid here for the foreseeable future, so are mask breaks at HMHS.