Dear Darla: Disorganized Teacher

Dear Darla,

I’m struggling to remain calm in one of my classes. I don’t hate the class but what’s disturbing me is an accumulation of everything, including sudden quizzes, tests, and the teacher’s overall  irresponsible nature, like losing my submitted work and just being generally disorganized. Since arguing with the teacher would most likely cause me to get in trouble, should I just accept a failing grade when the teacher loses my assignment. What should I do?

Dear student,

It’s very common for students to experience such stress. One thing you should realize is that teachers are humans too and just like us, they make mistakes. I think you should persist and respectfully confront the teacher on the issue. Remember to remain calm. If your teacher just won’t own up to their mistakes, try consulting their colleagues. To further help with your cause, provide your teacher with concrete evidence. Also, if you used google docs to submit your work, you can easily access the date the assignment was completed and shared with your teacher. Overall when you respectfully confront a person they tend to listen, so hopefully you will not need to utilize this evidence when confronting your teacher.

Good luck!


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