“It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!”

Tara Walker, Staff Writer

New head football coach Mr. Robert Mahoney took some time to answer some questions about his first year at the helm of the program.

How is the team’s attitude this year?

“We have a pretty good attitude from varsity to our freshman team about learning the game of football at a very competitive level.”

What pushes the team / what are your goals?

“Our goals are to improve every game when starting to build a program its very important to keep goal at very reachable height and i think we are reaching those every week.”

What are this seasons major highlights?

“The sportsmanship we have shown on the field. That starts getting compliments from other teams parents, referees, comments after a game about the team sticking together during trying times during the game. I take great pride in that the character of our team. That as a coach was a goal achieved.”

How has your first year as a coach as Holbrook High been going?

“It’s great the players are starting to know my expectations such as commitment to the program I really look forward to the future of Holbrook/Avon football. The support from administration and the athletic director has been great. You are going to have bumps in the road while building a program. This program has been struggling with numbers and the numbers from the freshman group grew so our program will be better in the future. Holbrook/Avon football has a great future with a new school, a new stadium, it’s going to be a great place for the students from Holbrook/Avon to play their high school career.

Thank you again for the opportunity to speak about our program, and as we say after every practice or game, win or lose, IT’S A GREAT DAY TO BE A BULLDOG!”