Opinion: Baseball Might Be Back

Opinion: Baseball Might Be Back

Matthew McLellan, Staff Writer

After many weeks of working out what is going to happen for the 2020 baseball season they still have not agreed on a deal. Players have proposed a 114 game season which will have spring training in June and the season will start the season in July. They might not agree on this though and we might have a 80 or so game season. Nobody knows. With this they will have a pro rated salary meaning that they will be paid for as many games they play. They are also able to say no to this and stay with family and stay home if they have a bad immune system. So this is a good deal for the players and I hope that the management agrees to this.

This is something I will look forward to and many others will do instead of watching reruns of past games. The playoffs might be like the college world series. They also might not have it so some of the bigger contracts like Mike Trout might have to be paid all the money in years to come. Hockey will also be happening soon. Also new in Boston they are allowing sports to be practiced at there home stadiums.  

However many owners have been releasing many, many minor league players. Also some are billionaires like the New York Yankees who have the largest payroll in the entire league of baseball. They are also taking significant pay cuts. Most minor leaguers were going to be paid $400 a week but now only $100. They are also firing employees and others are taking large pay cuts. This has to stop. The draft is now only five rounds and other prospects are going to become free agents and can sign with teams. But no team is going sign players in this environment. 

I wish there were more people like Shin Soo Choo who gave $1,000 dollars to every minor leaguer in the Rangers farm system. Many others have also done so. Like Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman. But this is not right. Minor leaguers have families and they also need money for food and a home. I just want this all to stop. They are making headway on a cure and they must stop just being greedy manager owners.