Good Eats: Four Restaurants to Support during COVID-19

Vinh Nguyen, Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken quite its toll on local businesses. Shops and restaurants have had to temporarily close to curb the spread of COVID-19 through large crowds, and many are financially struggling. But which ones should you support? Dave Andelman of Phantom Gourmet fame has provided five restaurants in the Greater Boston area that are worth supporting in these trying times. Some of these are further away while others are relatively near to Holbrook, but if you’re a food lover, chances are you’ll find it worth the drive.

  • Welly’s is a restaurant chain co-run by Wellington Dephino and Wemerson Vieira, both from Brazil. There are two locations: a Marlborough location and a Wellington location that has recently opened. It’s a bit of a drive from Holbrook, but it’s worth a try. They offer a selection of different foods, such as pizzas, burgers, chicken wings, pork chops, and of course, its famed chicken parm. It is a highly affordable restaurant. As Dan Andelman said, “Welly’s is definitely the place to be if you’re looking for a lot of tasty food that doesn’t cost a lot of money.”
  • Cape Cod Cafe Pizza is a great pizza joint in Brockton, which is much closer to Holbrook. It serves Boston’s famous bar pie pizza, which is the main attraction (hence the name). Many reviewers have called their pizza the best pizza in this area. However, it’s also worth trying out the famous Greek-style salad topped with fresh feta cheese.
  • Harrows Chicken Pies has been producing home-style chicken pies for over 70 years in the Greater Boston area. They have quite a few locations in Massachusetts, the closest being in Dedham. Besides their chicken pies, they also serve home-style mashed potatoes, fresh-baked blueberry pie, and nice, soft dinner rolls. Harrows Chicken Pies is all about comfort food, so if that’s what you’re into, then this is the place for you.
  • New England Steak and Seafood is a nice restaurant. It’s located in Mendon, which is a bit of a drive from Holbrook, but worth it if you like a good steak. It has been owned and run by the Quirk family for over fifty years. The king-cut prime rib is an excellent choice; it is slow-roasted, cut to order, and covered in REAL pan juices. Many will also recommend ordering the sirloin blackened. The thing that makes the blackened sirloin such a great choice is the top-secret recipe which it is marinated in, making it crispy on the outside and wonderfully tender on the inside. Many reviewers have had high praise for their steak. With every meal comes a selection of fresh-baked bread, such as their signature cinnamon rolls, light fluffy onion rolls, and delightful pumpkin bread.

Want to order takeout but can’t decide where to order from? Want a taste of something delightfully different? Try one of these places out, maybe you’ll find yourself coming back for more.