Emily Yip: State Champion of Scholastic Challenge


Amy Yip

Reading books and enjoying nature are some of Emily’s favorite activities to do.

Aaron Cullity, News Editor

Emily Yip, a 6th-grade student at Holbrook Middle-High School, took on the Scholastic Challenge and won. “Winning plus being the Massachusetts state champion will definitely be one of the highlights of my entire school career.”

The Scholastic Challenge is a state (and country) wide competition for students in 6th to 8th grade to test their knowledge. Participants are given an hour to complete 100 questions in various topics from science to literature to anything general knowledge. Mrs. Golden enrolls Holbrook at the beginning of the year. Se holds trivia on Tuesdays to prepare participating students.  

Taking the test on February 12th, Emily received her results on April 29th, showing that she scored higher than the national average and being the school champion. Being the highest scoring 6th grader in the state, Emily was the State Champion.

Emily says, “It makes me feel like I’ve left my mark here at HMHS, and makes me feel extremely proud to achieve something like this so early in my time here at the middle school.”

She also says not only winning holds a special place in her heart, but she takes pride in continuing the 3-year streak of a Holbrook 6th grader taking the title of Massachusetts State Champion. Next year, Emily hopes to do the challenge again and get an even higher score.

Mrs. Golden, who helps students prepare for and compete in the program, adds, “I was THRILLED for her! She is such a hard worker and a well-rounded student.” She also encourages students to participate and set goals for themselves.