Summer Track and Field Camp

Sovunh Voeu, Sports Writer

Slow and steady wins the race! Research shows that kids who are exposed early to sports or other physically and mentally challenging activities are much more proactive, healthier and increase their competitive reactions. To support children’s health and growth, Holbrook Jr. Sr. High School provided a summer camp to accomplish these goals and more.

This Track and Field Summer Camp is all about giving younger kids/athletes a chance to be involved with field events and running events. Events ranged from 100 meters to 400 meters, long jump, javelin and more. “It provided an opportunity for kids to gain experience in this sport since most middle schools don’t provide track and field.” Coach Flanagan said.

Kids from ages 6-13 year olds were given the chance to join this program to train with the Holbrook varsity track team for a whole week along with their coach, Mr. Flanagan, to give them a head start before they enter high school.  

With the help of varsity track team members Madison Mann, Lucy Amberelle, Destiny O’Garro, Sarah Walsh, Nick Ripley, Christopher Greeley and Christian Esperon, the camp was set up to give the kids the best possible way to learn and participate in sports while having fun at the same time.

The summer camp tackled the basics of proper running, jumping, and throwing by doing slow and proper stretches to loosen up the body. A short run is added after to get everyone pumped up and ready to go. Kids were taught how to have a good running, throwing, and jumping form, acceleration, and pacing that are crucial for each field and running events.