Which Streaming Services Will Get You Through Quarantine?

Matt Messina, Nick Cioffi

Vincent Tran, CBN Reporter

Streaming Services are platforms that offer tons of content such as TV Shows and Movies. There are tons of these types of services from Netflix to Disney+ to HULU, so it might be overwhelming to know which is the right one for you. They are often monthly subscription-based services, so without the proper knowledge on what you are paying for, many would be hesitant to buy one. Luckily, Matthew Messina and Nick Cioffi are here to educate viewers on the best streaming services to buy as well as the pros and cons of each. They offer insightful information on what each platform has to offer as well as some show recommendations. Streaming platforms are a great way to pass time if you have nothing to do while stuck at home, so give this segment a watch.