Raging Australian Wildfire Causes Many People to Evacuate

Amy Yip, Madison Burnett, and Dhir Patel

Recently, 500 million animals have died due to the Australian Wildfire that occurred and is still present to this day. In addition, numerous amounts of people have lost their homes to this tragedy and have been forced to evacuate the area. This wildfire started in around June, 2019. Over 49,000 acres of land had been destroyed from the wildfire so far. 

Fire season in Australia usually runs from December to March, but this year, it started earlier. The fires sparked from the mix of extreme heat, prolonged droughts (both caused by climate change), and strong winds. Firefighters from multiple countries have been called over to help maintain the raging flames from getting out of control, but they are still struggling to do so.

At least 25-28 people have perished so far to this deadly fire, and that count is still continuing. Air pollution is a huge problem that has been arising as the fire continues day by day. The deadly wildfires have caused the atmosphere to be 11 times more hazardous than normal.     

Mr. Walsh, 7th and 8th-grade science teacher, thinks the wildfires are devastating. He states, “People must be careful with campfires, matches, and cigarettes. It is a difficult situation since Australia is in the midst of an extreme drought, which sets up conditions for fires to start both natural (lightning) and man-made causes.” Additionally, Walsh says be ready to evacuate, have an emergency kit clear brush and debris from around your home. Shut off-gas, and have your car packed and ready to go.     

Some ways to support Australia would be spreading awareness or donating to charities that support this cause. Some fascinating fundraisers include Wires, SaveTheChildren, and the Salvation Army.    

Sam the koala with a broken leg from the raging fires.