Red Sox And Astros With New Managers

Matthew McLellan

 As many of you know, the Red Sox were caught using sign stealing along with the Astros. The Astros in response fired AJ Hinch the manager and Jeff Luhnow the general manager. The Red Sox already fired their general manager during the regular season so they just fired Alex Cora who started as a bench coach for the Astros and allegedly brought the sign stealing scheme to the Red Sox.

The Astros quickly hired a new manager by the name of Dusty Baker. But on the other hand the Red Sox already had a general manager but were too busy talking about trading Mookie Betts that they took so long to find a new manager. But finally all you Red Sox fans can take a sigh of relief because the front office has finally found a manager.

The manager is Ron Roenicke who was the bench coach for the Red Sox from 2017 to 2019 and now for 2020 he is the manager. He is very well respected which is good because that is really all a manager needs, the respect that they deserve.