Closing The Case On Chromebooks

Nick Cioffi


A standard issue school school Chromebook.

Nick Cioffi, CBN Reporter

Holbrook High’s Chromebook issues are getting out of hand. In the 2019-2020 school year, Chromebooks have been breaking to the point that administration has taken notice and have begun to crack. With the interviews done, it was said on average these computers should last 3 years. So what gives? Why is the school making such a fuss out of something at the end of its theoretical life? It’s because it’s theoretical; anything can last longer with care, and that is the message administration wants to give. Principal Stevenson is trying to spread the idea that keeping the cases on the Chromebooks can protect the screen, and other vital components of the laptop to ensure it will remain intact for years to come. Principal Stevenson said, “The thing that we need to keep in mind is that this is an investment in the education of our students.”

However, students think they don’t need to, providing reasons for why cases aren’t kept on. The cases are heavy, they are broken, they are too light, and they don’t even stay on the Chromebook. The types of cases aren’t the best in their eyes, and the examples given make it appear to be justifiable. For example, the hard plastic case given at the beginning of 2017 is beginning to decay, so two other cases have been put into circulation; the rubber and padded cases. The rubber cases are currently being used by the media center in their distribution of loaners to Holbrook Middle High School students. These two cases have their own downsides however; the rubber is too difficult to put into bags and the padded one is good at protection, but way too light to actually stay on the Chromebook. Going in the future, who knows where Holbrook will go with this ever-looming issue of breaking Chromebooks.