Mookie Betts Trade


Matthew McLellan

The logo of Mookie Betts’ new team, the Dodgers

Matthew McLellan, Staff Writer

 This year the Red Sox have had budget problems and still have no manager. So they decided to trade someone. They have been talking about a trade with Betts and Price to the Dodgers or the Padres and they have finally made a decision and this was the result. The Dodgers acquire outfielder right handed batter Mookie Betts and left handed starting pitcher David Price. While the Red Sox got Alex Verdugo a player from the Dodgers and acquired a pitching prospect by the name of Jeter Downs from the Dodgers as well.

So this is manly a win for the Dodgers because they get Mookie Betts and David Price. Mookie who hit .295 had 29 home runs 80 runs batted in and he walked 97 times and only struck out 101 times. He also had 16 stolen bases and only 3 times caught stealing. They also got Price who is not a great player but he is a good rotation guy. He in 2019 had a 4.28 earned run average but he only pitched in 107.1 innings due to injury. He had 128 strikeouts and 32 walks. He went 7 and 5. 2019 was a down year but I’m guessing that 2020 will be different. He is also 33 years old which is a little old but good enough for at least 2 to 3 more seasons.

The Red Sox on the other hand got Alex Verdugo who in 106 games hit 12 home runs and 44 runs batted in. He also had a .294 batting average. He is 23 and is full of potential but will not be the same outfielder as Mookie Betts brought to their offense and never as good on defense. Jeter Downs is one of the greatest short stop prospects around and could help fill in first or second base. In the minors during 2019 he hit 24 home runs and had 86 runs batted in.

In my opinion, and many other Boston Red Sox fans and Betts fans, this was the worst trade possible. You just traded a 4 times straight gold glove award winner and a 2018 American League MVP. He was also loved by the fans. The Red Sox still have a good outfield but not as good with Mookie stinkin Betts.

In my opinion, fellow Bostonians do not go for the Boston Red Sox because they are going to be hanging with the Orioles with 100 losses. They could get to the wild card but this will put the Dodgers in prime position to win a World Series and definitely the pennant.

They now have Mookie Betts, Cody Bellinger, Joc Pederson, and A.J Pollock. They also now have a great starting rotation. The rotation could be this: Clayton Kershaw, Walker Bueher, Jukio Uras, David Price, and Alex Wood. This is the rotation that will make the most sense for the Dodgers. This could be their lineup: Betts, Muncy, Lux, Bellinger, Chris Tylor, Hernandez, Turner, Barns, and then the pitcher.

But I also think Jeter Downs is going to be a 20 home run hitter if he gets the chance to play. But for now he is in the minors but he will be up their in the later years. He also very fast and stole 24 bases.