What Does the Holbrook Public Library Have to Offer?

Jaidyn Buker, Staff Writer

Our local library offers many clubs. For little kids, middle schoolers, and even high schoolers! Just this month they hosted a Teen Advisory meeting. However, only 2 people attended. Strive to make some time in your day to hang out at the Holbrook Public Library. Even if you’re just looking around. If you’re interested in finding a perfect book for you and your interest,  then come here. There are plenty of books for you. Library cards are free for your first one, if you lose it though and need a new one, it only costs a dollar. However, children that are under 15 years old must get their parent’s or guardian’s signature, proof that you live in town, and they must be able to write their signature in order to apply for a library card. 

If you are looking for things to do after school in your free time, attending a club is the perfect activity for you. They offer many types. They have their own website full of information. Which includes a calendar of the activities throughout the month, useful reference databases, library hours, and TONS more. 

Here at Holbrook Middle High School, we have our own library. However, it closes at 3 pm; which isn’t enough time for some of us. Instead, heading over to the Holbrook Public Library after school would give people more time to hang out and find what they are looking for. You can find the schedule online; although the library is open on most days, it is not available to use on Sundays or Mondays. 

The Holbrook Public Library has a large selection of books, from subjects like World War II to books for young children who are just starting to learn how to read. The library also has computers to use. As well as printers! However, you need a library card to access the computers and printers. If you ever need help with anything, or something is malfunctioning, you should go to the front desk and ask for assistance. 

The library is also a part of the OCLN, which stands for Old Colony Library Network. If you try to log into a computer, “ocln” will be your password unless you changed it; if you do not know your password you can go to the front desk and ask for help. The OCLN is a group of 26 libraries and three academic libraries located on the South Shore in Massachusetts. An academic library is a library attached to a higher education institution, like a college or university. If you were wondering what those 3 might be, they are Massasoit Community College, Quincy College, and Eastern Nazarene College.

The community library also has instruments for people to use and check-out for 2 weeks; with the option of a 2-week renewal. The library has a variety of instruments, from bongos to the xylophone. Similar to computers and printer’s privileges, you need a library card in order to do these things. 

As junior Matthew Messina states, “ I typically like to read true stories, or at the very least, stories that are based in reality. Realistic fiction and historical fiction, if you will. My favorite book of all time is To Kill A Mockingbird, which should say a lot about how little I’ve read.” They have a paper copy and sound recording of the book, To Kill A Mockingbird. As I stated before, they also have realistic fiction, and historical fiction as well. 

Divina Constant
The popular 1960s classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, is presented in front of the school.