Word On the Street: Christmas Presents

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

Christmas break is slowly approaching, so hop on the Polar Express and enjoy a cup of cocoa. The Holbrook Hub conducted a survey on what students and teachers really want for this holiday season!

Colin Cahill, a sixth-grader at HMHS, says for Christmas all he wants is Airpods. “I’m done with wires,” he directly states. 

Caroline Duggan, a senior at Holbrook Middle-High School, she states that she wants an acoustic guitar. She also says, “ I asked for this gift because I have always enjoyed music and recently it has become an even bigger passion of mine.”

Mr. Espie, world history teacher, says that he is excited to spend more time with his family during this holiday season. He wishes for a 2002 Chevrolet Camaro SS because it’ll make him happy to ride to and from work. 

High-school math teacher, Mrs. McDonough states that she desires to win the lottery, but she is very happy with what she has. During this Christmas break, she is planning on spending time with her loved ones.

Brook Barry, an HMHS 7th grader, wants for Christmas is a new hair straightener. She also says, “The reason I want a new one is that my old one broke.”

Merry Christmas!