Baseball Offseason Moves

Matthew McLellan

Sandy Leon Trade

This year the Red Sox as you know were caught cheating and just named Ron Roenicke as the new manager to replace Alex Cora. They have only signed players that are relief pitchers and back of the rotation pitchers. They have gotten a few position prospects and they even have one going to the majors this year. Now the trade, they have already traded Sam Travis and now they have traded Sandy Leon for a not very good pitching prospect.  Their new catcher, Kevin Plawecki, is okay defensively but not so good offensively. This year he had 3 home runs in around 60 games and Sandy Leon also not very good offensively in 65 games had 5 home runs. But he was very good defensively and I think they should have kept him because they only got a prospect out of him.

Mitch Moreland  Back With The Red Sox

 The Red Sox have been needing a first baseman ever since Mitch Morland became a free agent. He was inured for a lot of the 2019 season and he only had around half the season in playing time. He had 91 games with a .252 batting average and 19 home runs. He also had 58 runs batted in. He was okay defensively at first base. But now the Red Sox Have a first baseman and that is good for a lot of other players that would have had to go to that position.

Yolmer Sanchez And Pablo Sandoval With Giants

 The Giants have been very quiet this season until they signed gold glove and former White Sox second baseman Yolmer Sanchez. He was a great fielding player this year after winning his first gold glove. He only hit 2 home runs and 43 runs batted in, in 149 games but his fielding was amazing. He also only had a .252 batting average but it is a big win for the giants because now they have a gold glove caliber second baseman. They also to sources have signed a minor league contract with Pablo Sandoval. He is a third baseman, though he is not a really good one. In 2019 he had a .268 batting average he hit 14 home runs and had 41 runs batted in. He is also not a good fielder.