Girl’s Team Falls to Mashpea in Quarterfinal Game

Aaron Cullity, News Editor

The girls varsity soccer season finished the season as Mayflower League Champs, but bowed out with a loss to Mashpea in the playoffs.

Riley Cochran was awarded a trophy for setting a new school record. Riley scored 160 career goals, breaking the previous school record of 159 goals. Riley says, “Getting 160 goals was more than I ever imagined.” She also beat her own personal record of 150 goals. “It’s a feeling of accomplishment that will never go away.”

The team also played in the Quarterfinal tournament game. The girls jumped to the quarterfinal game instead of playing in earlier due to their outstanding record. Sophomore Bridget Moore says, “The game was upsetting as we worked hard all year and thought we would advance further. Seeing as Mashpee was faster, next season, more tactical practices and more running would be beneficial for speed.” Commenting on the future for the team, Bridget Moore says, “ In the beginning, it will definitely be hard without our 6 solid seniors but we will overcome that and improve our record.”

As the last game this season, it was also the last game for the seniors. “It’s really sad that I played my last (high school) game,” says Lucy Ambroult. “I’m going to miss playing with the team because it was the best lineup we’ve had in my high school career.” When asked if she would continue playing in college, she responded, “I don’t know yet. I would like to weigh my options and see where my future takes me.” As this was her last year on the team, she leaves this with the future team: “Chemistry and team bonding are important. We play so well because we all get along and cooperate. Work hard and practice goes a long way.”