MLB Wrapup: Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year Awards


Baseball Season Just Wrapped Up

Matthew McLellan, Staff Writer

Starting in the NL, Cody Bellinger won the MVP award. He had 47 homeruns, 115 RBIs, .305 average, 15 stolen bases, and 5 times caught stealing. He is also a great outfielder and has a great arm. In the AL, Mike Trout had 45 homers, 104 RBI, 11 stolen bases, was caught stealing twice, and had a .291 batting average. He is also an outfielder like Cody Bellinger.

 The Cy Young award winner in the NL was Jacob DeGrom. He had a 2.43 ERA, 255 strikeouts, 44 walks, and his record was 11 and 8. Now in the AL, it was easy to see who it was, Justin Verlander. Justin Verlander had a 2.58 ERA, a 21 and 6 record 300 strikeouts, and 42 walks.

 In the NL rookie of the year was Pete Alonso who set the rookie record with homers with 53 home runs, 120 RBI, stolen base, no times caught, and .260 batting average. He a 1st base man and is good defensively as well as offensive.In the Al Yordan Alvarez won the rookie of the year with 27 home runs,  78 RBI, and a .313 batting average. He is a left fielder.

In my opinion I think that Max Sherzer should have won the NL Cy Young. I also think that Rafael Devers should have won the AL MVP. He hit 32 homers and was the league leader in RBIs. Scherzer was also a very good pitcher. A player that should have one rookie of the year is Bo Bitchette. He is an amazing shortstop and he can make plays and take you deep. He had 11 homers, and 21 RBI in just 46 games. He also had a .311 batting average.