Introducing Mrs. Sylvia


Emily Yip

Mrs. Sylvia.

Emily Yip, Junior Staff Writer

Mrs. Wanda Sylvia has made her debut at Holbrook Middle-High School this year. She is currently teaching Computer Science Discoveries to grades 6-12 at HMHS. She is replacing Mr Tarnopol who retired at the end of last year, but still serves as a substitute teacher. 

Some of her favorite hobbies are creating new projects, both digitally and artistically. She describes herself as energetic and creative. Mrs. Sylvia listens to all genres of music and is passionate about the art of cooking. She also likes spending time with her family in Cape Cod. Mrs. Sylvia has had several years of experience in teaching. She has previously taught in Colton, Easton, and Attleboro. Mrs. Sylvia wants all of her students to have an opportunity to learn. 

A 6th grade student, who wants to stay anonymous, says, “Overall I like the computer science course, Ms. Sylvia is good at what she teaches and although I might think that some of the assignments are a hassle, they are always educational and I learn something every class.” 

They describe the cheerful educator adding, “I think that Mrs. Sylvia is hardworking.” The student adds that sometimes the class can be unruly and out of control, but Mrs. Sylvia always powers through and settles down the class. Lastly, the anonymous student states that, “Computer science is a way to make all things possible over the internet.”