Nats Come Out On Top for First World Series Win


Expos Player The Team That Is Now The Washington Nationals

Matthew McLellan, Staff

The Nationals have won the World Series!

The Yankees and the Astros were very good teams that were evenly matched. They both have amazing players like Aaron Judge, Alex Bregman, Giancarlos Stanton, Jose Altuve, ect. In the series the Astros vs Yankees the Astros have 2 wins and the Yankees have 1.

Los Angeles Dodgers lost to the Nationals, who had never made it past the wild card but they have now and they are on the verge of winning the World Series. 

 In my opinion I wanted the Houston Astros to win or the Washington Nationals. I wanted either to win because Houston only has one win in the World Series and the Washington Nationals to win because they have none, not even when they used to be the Montreal Expos! I also would have wanted  Atlanta to win but they lost to the Cardinals who also lost. The Oakland A’s were beaten by the Tampa Bay Rays.

The Washington Nationals have won the world seirs and are champs for the first time ever. They might make a few bad trades though. But then there is Stephen Strasburg who is a free agent and might leave them. He won World Series MVP as well. I just hope they are good and can be the great team they were this year. The Red Sox might need Strasburg though.