GO VOTE! Holbrook Senior Kerry Walker is Nominated for Player of the Week Hosted by Patriot Ledger!


Aaron Cullity

Kerry Walker hits the ball.

Every week the Patriot Ledger, a newspaper in Boston hosts a competition called player of the week. This is when a group of girl, and boy athletes who are successful in their seasons so far, are put on a poll, and people can vote for who they want to win. This week Kerry Walker, a Varsity Holbrook volleyball player was nominated for player of the week. So far she is neck in neck with two other girls from Quincy. 

The reason why Kerry Walker is up for player of the week is because she had forty assists, fourteen service points, and six digs in a 3-2 win over Sacred Heart.
Of course we all want Kerry to win, so if you can, go to the link and vote for her! Good Luck Kerry!

The poll is only up for one more day so go vote!