Surprise Lock Down


Ashleigh Horne

Evacuation plans for a fire are posted in each room, but no instructions for lockdowns are posted

Amy Yip

Holbrook Middle-High School recently had an unexpected lock down and students and staff were not told at the time if this was truly an emergency or if it was a drill. 

Mrs. Stevenson, the principal of HMHS, states that the lockdown on September 17th was indeed a drill and not an emergency. 

Mrs. Stevenson also says that the teachers and staff are taught a training called ALICE. Mrs. Stevenson wishes to start teaching ALICE to the students of Holbrook Middle-High School as well. ALICE is an acronym that stands for alert, lock down, inform, counter, evacuate.

Her advice for a real lockdown is for students to always pay close attention to what they are being told, to stay focused, and not to talk while an emergency is taking place. She thinks that the students could improve their noise levels during drills and be more attentive to the directions they are being given.

Juninha Richemond, 8th grader at HMHS, says that the lock down was not a surprise to her nor scary as it was a drill.