Fall Sports Update

Team Finding Growth and Success This Fall


Aaron Cullity

The teams high five after game.

Aaron Cullity, Staff Writer

As the new school year starts, so does a plethora of fall sports. Girls varsity is 7-1 so far this season. On Friday the girls played West Bridgewater and won 3-1. This was the first time in 14 years they won against them. Lucy Ambroult said, “They had us in the first half but we cleaned up our passes and started to play as a team rather than 11 individuals.” 

Last year Riley Cochran scored her 100th career goal. This year, she plans to score 150 goals. She also says, ¨I would really like the team to make it to the 3rd tournament game because we made it to the second game last year.”

Jaidyn Buker
Lucy Ambroult brings the ball upfield

Boys Soccer

The varsity team’s record is1-3-1 so far this year. Team captain Ayoub Ziad says, “It’s a young team this year, composed of mainly freshmen and sophomores. They have a ton of potential and have been playing with each other for a while.  Hopefully, we can utilize their talent to our advantage.” 

Last year, the boys only had a varsity soccer team. This year, they have a JV and varsity team. Ms. Grant helped coach the team last year and has taken on coaching JV this year. She said, “The JV Boys soccer team is currently in a rebuilding phase after not having enough players for a full program last year. Our team this year is very young, mostly made up of 6th graders, but we are steadily improving. Playing older teams is surely helping my young team become better, smarter players. We are currently 0-2 but I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes.”

Aaron Cullity
Ayoub Ziad dribbles past a defender


The football team lost to Old Colony in their first home game of the season but won the second game. Winning 27- 21 against Atlantis Charter, Georges Jean says, “That win could have been better but our team, our players, we worked the hardest we could, we get hurt yes but that is apart of the game, and with us bulldogs we get right back up ready to hit again.”

Aaron Cullity
The teams line up

The varsity volleyball team so far has a record of 6-2. Brianna Sullivan says, “Overall, we’re playing pretty well but, I know that we can play better. We get in our heads a lot but once we are out of our ‘funk’, we’re able to kill almost every ball. Everyone is really good at bringing people up when they’re in their head and I think that’s what makes us special. No matter how frustrated we get, we can always bring one another up.”

Aaron Cullity
The team runs out before the game.

When asked about the cross country season, Nick Cioffi, cross country runner, said, “Cross country is doing well. We have needs for improvement, but there are steady improvements being made. Efforts are also being made to reign in the little kids as they are rowdy, but so far cross country is enjoyable.”

Cross Country Team