ESL Class Takes Field Trip to Blue Hills Weather Observatory

The ESL classes took a field trip to Blue Hills to learn about weather and climate change. We went to the Blue Hills Observatory because Mr. Flanagan wanted us to learn more about geography, also to learn how they measure weather everyday which helps us learn more about weather.

We went to Blue Hills Observatory last Monday on May 20th. We tried to go last fall to see the color of leaves, but was raining and we had to cancel our field trip and wait until spring, because there is no way to go in the winter. The weather last monday was 60 degrees, which was perfect weather to visit and go hiking there.

We went to the observatory by hiking up the hill. While we were hiking we took just one break. When we arrived at the observatory there were so many instruments that measure the weather. At the end of the day we made our kites and went outside to fly them. Some of the kites got stuck in the trees. My favorite thing about this field trip was when we flew the kites.

Any student whose family speaks another language at home can be in ESL class. This often includes immigrants and sons and daughters of immigrants. In the class we learn new things and each of our classmates gives their opinion and demonstrates talents. We practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing in English to prepare us to use social and academic language in school.