Avengers: Endgame Movie Review

Dhir Patel, Junior News Editor

Tickets for Endgame have been sold out for about a week and many have been going crazy about this movie, spoiling it for many others. It has become the second highest grossing movie of all time which means it has earned the second-most amount of money. The net worth of this movie is 356 million dollars. This movie was following one of the most popular movies of 2018, Avengers Infinity War, which was released on Friday, April 26th, 2019.

The Avengers are a group of remarkable superheroes that save the world from evil villains planning to conquer the world. All of these movies were made by Marvel Studios. Many people have been looking forward to this movie, due to the release of Captain Marvel, as she is predicted as the strongest superhero, able to beat Thanos who is the villain of both Infinity War and Endgame.

All long-time Marvel fans would recognize the past Avengers movies leading up to what may be the end of this movie series. In the original Avengers, the villain was portrayed as Thor’s brother Loki who had the Tesseract, which contained the Space Stone later revealed in Infinity War. Loki was sent to Earth by Thanos, who was revealed at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Guardians of the Galaxy and now is the villain.

In Age of Ultron, the villain is Ultron, a technological machine that wants to eliminate the human race from extinction. This movie mainly involved the Avengers uniting more and introducing new superheroes. Then, in Captain America: Civil War, many new superheroes were introduced into the war between Captain America and Iron Man such as Spiderman and Black Panther, which people have wanted to see for a long time.

Avengers Infinity War was next. This movie brought together most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchises into one to fight Thanos. At the end of this movie, some of the fans’ favorite heroes disintegrated to dust and had vanished from Earth which brings us to Endgame.

Endgame follows after its name; it is the end of the game. It is ending the Avengers series of movies and many Marvel actors are ending their careers as acting as their superhero as well. Now, get out of wherever you are and go watch the movie if you haven’t seen it already.