James Charles Losing Over a Million Subscribers in Under 24 Hours

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

As you may know, James Charles, a famous 19 year old beauty guru, has lost more than three million subscribers on YouTube in less than a week. He made YouTube history by having the first-ever channel to lose a million subscribers in less than 24 hours. He is still rapidly losing subscribers, but why? If you’re not apart of the Sister Squad, you should keep reading to find out the tea.

James Charles is most known for his YouTube channel focused makeup, which he launched in December of 2015. He refers to his fans as Sisters, making his fanbase the “Sister Squad.” Charles is open about his sexuality and identifies as a gay man. He became the first male ambassador for a makeup brand, CoverGirl, in 2016.

Last week, Tati Westbrook, another beauty guru and a close friend of Charles, uploaded a 40-minute long video YouTube video called, “BYE SISTER…” In this video, she accuses James Charles of being disloyal, of pressuring straight men sexually, and of repeatedly embarrassing her in front of their family and friends.

According to Tati, in late April, Charles was told that if he made an advertisement for some vitamins, he would get security for Coachella. James agreed to advertise the vitamins, which Tati was upset about because Charles had refused to do this before with her products, saying that it was inappropriate.

Tati also says that, on many occasions, James Charles has talked about, “turning men gay.” He would pretend to be a woman and in order to manipulate men sexually and then reveal that he is a man, trying to make them think that they are gay.

In February, at Tati’s birthday party, Charles also said some inappropriate things in front of family and friends. She said that he was also flirting with a straight waiter. In her video, Tati explained that she had to apologize on his behalf.

A day after that video was released James made an apology video saying sorry to Tati. This video is much like other youtube “apology videos” where the person just turns on the camera and starts recording. These videos usually get a lot of hate and that’s what happened to James Charles. The apology got 10x more dislikes than likes.

James Charles made a video talking about Tati’s Its labeled “No More Lies,” and tells James side of the story. When going over the part about flirting with a straight waiter he explains that the waiter was bi curio (meaning that he is experimenting with liking both genders) and was flirting back with him, He showed DMs showing how the waiter (named Sam) went to James hotel room to watch a movie and talk. Sam ended up making a youtube video saying that he did not find James in any way make him do anything he didn’t want to. Tati also accused James of saying that he can get anything he wants to get because he is a celebrity. James explained that that was a joke and showed text messages of Tati saying that same thing.

Emily Poole, a 7th grader at HMHS, says that she is on James side. She explained how Tati lied in her latest video. She will always be on James side.

People are saying that 2019 will bring the downfall of many YouTubers and most agree that Charles won’t be able to make a comeback. Were you or are you apart of the Sister Squad? How do you feel about this situation?

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