Bulldogs Care Students Continue to Take Action


Courtesy Photo

Members of Bulldogs Care attending Team Rival’s leadership conference this fall.

Harris Jacques, Layout Editor

The citizens of Holbrook are being shown what it means to care by none other than Holbrook Middle-High School students. These students, who call themselves Bulldogs Care, are devoted members of The 84 Movement, Team Rival, and Holbrook Cares.

Bulldogs Care has been especially busy this year, taking on many new challenges. They kicked off the year by running a Holbrook Cares meeting, during which they talked about their goals for taking action. Also during the fall, they attended Team Rival’s youth leadership conference, which challenged them to promote Distractology, attend more coalition meetings, and create a PSA about substance use.

As members of The 84 Movement, students in Bulldogs Care have taken local policy action to combat the vaping epidemic. This year, they went to two Board of Health meetings, discussing policies that would restrict the sale of flavored tobacco and raise the age to purchase tobacco.

Members of Bulldogs Care have also been featured in the media. Many students were on Rock Bottom to Recovery, a podcast hosted by Bill Farrell, during which they talked about the influence of teen vaping. Hayli Manning, a Holbrook senior, was featured on Channel 4 this December and again on WGBH a few weeks ago. Sarah Ryan, another senior, spoke at the Surgeon General’s press conference on vaping and was recently featured on CBS This Morning.