Strange Winter Brings Several Storms, But No Snow Days…Yet


Amy Yip

Even the JFK’s playground was covered in this form of precipitation.

Amy Yip and Madison Burnett

With the recent snow storms that have blown across Massachusetts, there has been debate about whether Holbrook Middle-High School should have a snow day. Along with the snow, there has also been some rain added to the mix. The ice from the storms has caused a few tumbles from the students and staff of HMHS.

On January 21, there was an hour delay to clear up the ice and snow on the sidewalks. Many people think that we should have had a snow day instead. HMHS also had to have a half day on February 12 due to the snowstorm that Holbrook endured in the afternoon. This storm caused Holbrook to be covered in about 2 inches of snow. School wasn’t cancelled because the snow stopped falling in the middle of the night.

Dhir Patel, a seventh-grader, thinks that we should have more snow days. He says, “The ice on the sidewalks is dangerous and you can injure yourself.”    

The custodians and maintenance crew work hard to clear the school’s sidewalks and roads. After the first storm, most of the snow had been removed from the school’s walkways the next day, but the town sidewalks are still covered. Does this mean that school should have been canceled?

The unpredictable whether might be because of climate change. Climate change is when the weather patterns that usually are the same year to year, start to shift. A shocking fact about climate change is that it is mostly due to humans because people produce air pollution. Air pollution gets trapped in the sky causing a blanket of carbon dioxide, covering the earth. This bad air can also cause acid rain, which can destroy crops and pollute lakes and oceans causing sea life to die.

Always remember to be cautious when walking to school these few months. Never run and wear appropriate footwear, like boots, or sneakers with good traction. And don’t forget to be safe out there.