John and Abigail Adams Scholarship Recipients

Jessica West, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The John and Abigail Adams scholarship is annually awarded to students who achieve high scores on the MCAS. To officially qualify for the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship you must achieve an advanced on one of the three MCAS’s and at least an proficient on the remaining two. You must also be in the top 25 percent of students in your class. This year, seventeen received this scholarship, which will cover the tuition for any of the state universities or community colleges. These students were, Kerrington Andre-Williams, Katelin Andrews, Jason Chadwell, Thomas Denny, Shantal Infante, Madison Keegan, Aiden Kelly, John Kenny, Jessica Kierzek, Jared Koshulsky, Marcken Legentus, Rebekah Lewis, Hayli Manning, Dharmindra Moses, Sarah Ryan, Tiana Thevenin, and Amanda West.

When asked what it was like to receive the scholarship, Jessica Kierzek said, “I felt ecstatic because this was the first scholarship I’ve received so far. It was also good to know that I received it based on academic achievement and that I worked towards getting the scholarship.”

Thomas Denny was not as excited about getting the scholarship. He said “I do not want to go to a state school, but I am happy [that] I got the opportunity to be awarded with it”

Many students received their scholarships during the November School Committee meeting. Those that couldn’t attend were given their awards during school a few days later.