Behind the Success of “Code Blue”

Amy Yip, Dhir Patel, and Madison Burnett

Code Blue is a weekly news broadcast at Holbrook Middle-High School that has been a big hit with most students and teachers. The cast of the show includes Aiden Kelly, Kerrington Andrade, Jason Chadwell, Rahsai Banks-Lee, Charlie Luarasi, and many more. In place of the regular morning announcements, Code Blue is shown every Friday.

It usually takes a week to film and edit one episode. The class spends Monday brainstorming ideas for the next episode, Tuesday and Wednesday filming, and, finally, on Thursday they do their final edits and prepare for the broadcast.

Some of the popular segments on the show are sports recaps with Andrew Luarasi, Chadwell Time starring Jason Chadwell, Did You Know with Charlie Luarasi, Rahsai Hits the Block staring Rahsai Banks-Lee, and a few others. Each show is between 10-20 minutes long.

Viewer and principal of Holbrook Middle-High, Mrs. Laura Stevenson, says that she loves watching the show. Her favorite segment is Rahsai Hits the Block.

Mr. Zack Goman, the video production teacher, says that his favorite segments are the ones that they have to take time and think a lot about, such as the Pearl Harbor segment from December.

The sixth grade’s favorite cast member, Jason Chadwell, says, “My favorite segment to film is Chadwell Time,” which is his own segment.

Aiden Kelly, senior and anchor of Code Blue says that he was nervous at the start but is now used to it. He recently started his own segment called “Aiden Interviews” during which he has interviewed Mr. Olivera and Mr. Zahm. Aiden would also like to interview multiple students.

Rahsai Banks-Lee says that his segment, “Rahsai Hits The Block,” can be about some serious topics, but he likes to keep it fun and entertaining. 

Code Blue post all of their videos at Code Blue HMHS. You can email them any suggestions, comments, or concerns using this link.