Middle School Holiday Kickoff


Grace Erickson, Madison Burnett, and Amy Yip

Holbrook Middle-High School has been in the Christmas spirit the year by having many winter activities. The middle school got the opportunity to watch the movie, Elf. Some activities include Kahoot, building a structure with dry spaghetti noodles and putting a marshmallow on top, coding, and playing Heads Up.   

Ms. Jennifer Welch was one of the many in charge of planning all of the activities, with help from Ms. Wilson, Ms. Pallone, Ms. Mccann, and many others. Ms. Welch says Christmas is her favorite Holiday for sure. She says “Christmas is a time for family and fun.”

Cadence Young, a 7th-grade student, said her favorite holiday activity was watching Elf.

Within the fun events, all of the students were filled with joy for Christmas break. Happy Holidays!