Movie Review: Creed 2


Madison Burnett, Junior Game Editor


Since 1976, people have been hooked on the Rocky-Creed franchise. The Rocky movies follow Rocky Balboa and his rise to becoming a heavyweight champion. Apollo Creed, his mentor, is also a heavyweight champion.  He dies tragically in a boxing match against the Russian boxer Ivan Drago. The Creed movies take place 30 years later, circling Apollo’s son Adonis Creed. In the first Creed movie, Adonis fails to become the heavyweight champ. Creed II starts as Adonis becomes champion and proposes to his wife.

The movie shows the struggles that Adonis had to face throughout his career. The struggles include family troubles, injuries, and new opportunities. Rocky helps train Adonis for a big fight against his enemy, the son of Ivan, Viktor Drago. If Adonis doesn’t win the fight he will not only lose his champion title, but also his honor.

Michael B Jordan plays the protagonist which is Adonis Creed. Sylvester Stallone continues his role as Rocky Balboa. Creed II was directed by Steven Caple Jr., as opposed to Ryan Coogler, who directed the original Creed.

The storyline is thrilling and exciting. Adonis Creed has a lot on his plate, from training and starting a family \. If you were a fan of the Rocky series, I suggest watching this film. I would also advocate that this movie for people who enjoy action movies. This film inspires you to never give up, even if you are unsuccessful in completing your goals.

Creed II is a PG-13 movie that is about two hours long. It is expected to be released for Blu Ray, Amazon video, and iTunes in February of 2019.