New Awards Program Recognizes Excellent Middle Schoolers


Isabela da Silva

Amy Yip and Dhir Patel with the students of the month and circle of excellent.

Sherline Valcimond, Staff Writer

The middle school advisors have been recognizing students in grades six through eight for the Circle of Excellence and Student of the Month. Students are selected based on academic achievement, leadership, citizenship, and character.

According to Ms. McCarthy, one of the middle school advisors, the process for choosing students is as follows. Teachers get a Google Form where they can nominate students for their academic achievement, civic performance, leadership, etc. Then, the middle school advisors meet to select the students. They are looking for positive role models that value leadership, civic responsibility, and academic effort, as well as being helpful, kind, and representative of the middle school.

The middle school advisors’ goal is to recognize the positive things that the students do at the HMHS. They hope that identifying some of the positive behaviors of the middle school students, they can help improve the culture at Holbrook Middle-High School.

Amy Yip, who was Student of the Month in September, says that her goal is to keep up the work that she does. It does not matter to her if she wins again, because she realizes that Circle of Excellence and Student of the Month are for other students that are doing good things as well.

Amy said she felt proud and enthusiastic when she won and, when she showed it to her parents, they were surprised because out of about 100 students in her grade, she had been chosen.

Dhir Patel, who was in September’s Circle of Excellence, says that he was surprised and shocked. Dhir’s goal is to show other students that, if they really want it, they can be excellent. He plans to keep working hard so he can get good grades. He believes that if you think of yourself positively, then you can achieve great things.


Circle of Excellence

Sixth Grade: Sylvia Cull, Sophia Flecchia, David Greene, and Maddy Bruttaniti

Seventh grade: Dylan Pemberton, Dhir Patel, Jadan Curet, and Meredith Orgel

Eighth grade: Sara Sullivan, Amber Pelletier, Nia Brown, Kylee Eshner, and Bryan Moss

The Students of the Month Ava Foley, Amy Yip, and Luana De Melo


Circle of Excellence

Sixth grade: Madison Pait, Shawn Dieujuste, Brooke Barry, and Winston Legentus

Seventh grade: Jamari Robinson, Saige O’Keefe, Anyia Generasso, and Samantha Rupp

Eighth grade: Ty Caton, Cailey Mingolla, Fayth Baxter, and Mary Walker

Students of the Month

Sara Bushgjokaj, Taylor Dolan, Emma Pepe


Circle of Excellence

Sixth grade: Madeline Tran, Caleb Altido, Taschailah Blair, Tevin Ngo, and Angel Luyo

Seventh grade: Chris Cavino, Hannah Duzan, Thomas Nihtila, Saige O’Keefe, and Molly Lydon

Eighth grade: Andrea Chase, Lily Welch, Sherline Valcimond, Owen Cahill, and Bridget Mullally

Students of the Month

Halle Nassar, Rose Ferguson, and Kai Forbes